Exhibition | Experimentando Le Corbusier – Interpretações Contemporâneas do Modernismo

The Museu da Casa Brasileira, institution of the Secretary of Culture of the State of São Paulo, inaugurates the exhibition ‘Experimentando Le Corbusier – Interpretações contemporâneas do modernismo’ on June 16, Saturday at 2:00 p.m.
Curated by Pierre Colnet and Hadrien Lelong, Cremme – Furniture publisher, via Cremme Institute, an association that has as its commitment to work in the social, educational and artistic spheres through the promotion of activities to promote culture, the show permeates the thinking of Le Corbusier beyond the perimeter of the architecture.
The new exhibition presents a reflection on modernism in Brazil and on the work of the Franco-Swiss architect. The intention of the Brazilian artists, designers and architects invited to participate in the exhibition is to keep alive the modern and revolutionary thinking of Le Corbusier.
A conversation between the award-winning São Paulo architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Catherine Otondo inspires the illustrations of Alexandre Benoit. Notions like symmetry, perspective, movement and composition are approached by the works of artists Carla Chaim, Lucas Simões and Ivan Padovani. There will be pieces of the Joinery Workshop prepared in partnership with the Leo Institute, which proposed the rereading of modernism through the design of furniture inspired by the works of Le Corbusier. The Campana Brothers complete the body of designers, occupying the garden of the Museum with the Taquara installation.
“In the works on display, we have a challenge to the various disciplines that intersect in the fields of design and architecture, permeated by technical and artistic experimentation. An opportunity to observe the thinning of its increasingly thin frontiers against the world of specializations, “says Giancarlo Latorraca, technical director of MCB.
The curators also invited a team of Brazilian offices formed by Aleph Zero, AR Architecture, Block Architects, FGMF, Gabriel Ranieri, Pedro Ribeiro, Estudio Guto Requena, Metro Architects Associates, MNMA Studio, Nitsche Architects, Play Architecture, Terra and Tuma and Triptyque Architecture to reflect as today reverberates the modernist process in the national territory and within the work environment itself. The article by the French philosopher Mickaël Labbé, made especially for the show, sustains the work of the architects in the exhibition.

Le Corbusier
Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, known worldwide for Le Corbusier, was a Franco-Swiss architect who became one of the most important figures of architecture in the twentieth century. He developed a wide academic and theoretical activity, besides publishing several articles on his architectural studies. He was a great influencer in the formation of the modernist generation of Brazilian architects, mainly for providing, in 1936, advice on the Gustavo Capanema Palace project. Le Corbusier died in 1965 and was buried in the tomb he designed for himself.

About MCB
The Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution of the São Paulo State Department of Culture, is dedicated to the preservation and diffusion of the material culture of the Brazilian house, being the only museum in the country that specializes in architecture and design. The MCB program includes temporary and long-term exhibitions, with an agenda that also includes activities of the educational service, debates, lectures and publications contextualizing the museum’s vocation for the formation of a critical thinking in themes such as architecture, urbanism, housing, economy urban mobility and sustainability. Among its innumerable initiatives, the MCB Design Prize, the main award of the segment in the country, made since 1986; and the Casas do Brasil project, to rescue and preserve memory about the rich diversity of the country.

About Cremme
Cremme, publisher of Franco-Brazilian furniture, has a proposal to create atmospheres. Cosmopolitan, brings simplicity through the eyes of Frenchmen Hadrien Lelong and Pierre Colnet, who coordinate a network of designers spread throughout the world, while exclusively producing all the pieces here in Brazil. In addition to the line of own furniture, Cremme works in the creation and development of exclusive pieces, made to order for corporate projects. Instituto Cremme is the non-profit association of the publishing house, whose mission is to work in the social, educational and artistic spheres through the promotion of activities to promote culture.

Experimentando Le Corbusier – Interpretações contemporâneas do modernismo 
Visitation until August 12

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